Malala Leadership Essay


"Deep in my heart I hoped to reach every child who could take courage from my words and stand up for his or her rights."

I Am Malala 
pg. 309-310

Malala Leadership Essay Curriculum PDF

With strong support from her father and a newly established foundation, Malala engages local participants, government administrators and powerful world leaders to initiate policies that will effectively provide education to all citizens.

This essay will examine Malala’s leadership work, recognized internationally, through the following learning objectives:

  • leadership theories
  • Malala’s leadership style
  • leadership goals and strategies
  • collective action

A supplemental feature for high school teachers appears at the end of this theme.

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Individual Activities  

The primary individual activity for this theme is to maintain a reflective leadership journal, using prompts involving Malala and leadership, leadership role models, vision, community engagement and self-knowledge.

Group Activities  

Group activities for this theme include:

  • presenting a leadership topic or quote for group discussion
  • group analysis of leaders and leadership characteristics
  • working in small groups to identify a community need and create an action plan