Malala and Violence Against Women & Girls


"Sadly, Malala's story is not unique. Throughout the world, girls are neglected, denied education, physically mistreated, sexually assaulted, sold into slavery, mutilated, and married against their will in the name of tradition, honor, and male entitlement." 

Mary Ellsberg
The George Washington University

Malala and Violence Against Women & Girls Curriculum PDF

The attempted murder of Malala Yousafzai by the Taliban for speaking out for girls’ education can be viewed as an isolated act by religious extremists. But it is also emblematic of the discrimination and violence that women and girls throughout the world are subjected to because of their gender.

This narrative will explore the global phenomenon of violence against women and girls through the lens of Malala’s story by addressing the following topics:

  • One girl’s story:  Malala’s story as an act of violence against women and girls
  • The world as we know it: Violence against women today
  • Taking action:  Standing up to violence against women and girls

A supplemental feature for high school teachers appears at the end of this theme.

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Individual Activities  

Individual activities in this theme include writing a biography of other girls who have fought, like Malala, for gender equity, and researching and presenting on the many forms of violence against women.

Group Activities  

Group activities in this theme include:

  • watching a film related to addressing violence against women
  • listening to a guest speaker from a group that works to prevent violence against women and girls